Butterfly Magnet Lamp


You are a subtle nature that loves nature. But you equally appreciate the modern era and its achievements. You arrange your space in the spirit of both worlds. This is a lamp for your spirit and home.

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This butterfly has a heart magnet and LED-colored wings. His natural habitat is your desk in a special place of the home.

That is to say, the lamp that gave the butterfly immortality. The colors that gave it eternal spring. In conclusion, the Butterfly lamp combines nature and new technology of magnetic connection and ice light.

Symbiosis is an ingenious device that gives your space a special spirit and atmosphere.

Bring eternal spring and serenity to your home with a note of contemporary essence.

Additional information

LED chip: (2835, white light +2835 warm light +3528RGB)
Lumen: 3000K warm light white light: 6000-6500K
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated power: 5W
Power interface: USB

Weight750.0 g
Dimensions470 × 260 × 120 mm

7 colors, 3 colors


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