Deeco Smart Station


  • Spectacular as a decoration.
  • Double useful as a lamp and wireless charger.
  • Minimalistic design, maximum usability.
  • Smart lighting station for your living or work station
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The Deeco smart station lamp guarantees loyalty.

Just choose your aesthetics. Natural look stone-wood impression or refined marble.

A smart lamp charger that you want near you while working at your desk at home or office.

Arrange your office and living space to always be easy and comfortable.

Additional information

Material: ABS+PP+ hardware
Power consumption: 10W
Switch mode: touch
Wireless charging power: 5-10W Wireless charging distance: 3-6mm
Bluetooth distance: 10m
Audio power: 5W

Product brochure
Weight695.0 g
Dimensions280 × 370 × 50 mm

Marbling, Wood grain


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