Tokyo Bedside Lamp


  • Japan is a land of contrasts.
  • The Tokyo lamp is the same, a blend of modern design and traditional atmosphere.
  • A hug of flax and wood
  • An ancient tradition in essence and a modern spirit in form.
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What are your first associations with Japan? Highly developed and deeply traditional country. This is exactly the mood you get with a Tokyo lamp on your nightstand.

Since spring, Tokyo has been covered in snow from Japanese cherry blossoms. With the first flash of the Tokyo lamp, he felt the spirit and breath of Tokyo in his bedroom.

Akita dog Hachiko has been waiting for its owner for years at the Shibuya station. Your Tokyo lamp guarantees the same loyalty.

Additional information

Lamp body material: Wood and linen
Lamp holder material: Rubber
Size: Φ170 mm x 230 mm
Changeable light bulb

Weight920.0 g
Dimensions170 × 230 × 230 mm
Power socket



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