Waning Crescent Lamp


You will like to play with 2-piece wooden magnetic parts which serve as a lamp switch. Enjoy warm night light while adorable design illuminates your interior.

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Imagine falling asleep looking at the moon. The changeable Moon arises and disappears above us, always just as exciting.

The waning crescent is the last phase of the moon just before it disappears and leaves the night sky in complete darkness, waiting for the lunar cycle to begin again.

Analogy is momentary – let this lamp be your late night little bedside moon. Right before you  go to a land of dreams, look at the Waning Crescent and turn it off, the Moon and the awake world.

Additional information

Power consumption:: 5 watts
Power supply: USB power supply
Material: Beech + Aluminum + Silicone
Process: sanding/polishing/painting
Switch: Magnetic switch/button switch
Packaging: Kraft paper neutral packaging
Application: bedroom/study and other places

Weight815.10 g
Dimensions360 × 320 × 110 mm

Waning Crescent


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